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AS400 iSeries IBM i System Upgrades Processor Memory HDD SSD Features

AS400 iSeries and IBM i System Upgrades

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AS400 (Application System/400) is BOTH mid-range mainframe server hardware and software operating system released by IBM in 1988. 

Thea AS400 was designed for businesses of all sizes, and is still a popular choice today (now called IBM i, IBM iSeries or IBM Power Systems) because of it's enduring legacy of secure rugged dependability..

AS400 is a highly secure mid-range mainframe server that's been stable, reliable, and scalable system over the years, providing a wide range of functions. 

AS400 pioneered the concept of single-level storage, which allows for seamless data access and eliminates the need for manual memory management.

AS400 software is also known as IBM i, and was originally introduced in 1988. 

The platform has later been rebranded as the iSeries, System i, and ultimately IBM i.

AS400 Software programming languages available include:

RPG, Assembly language, C, C++, Pascal, Java, Perl, Smalltalk, COBOL, SQL, BASIC, PHP, Python.

AS400 iSeries IBM i System Upgrades Processor Memory HDD Disk Drives SSD


AS400 iSeries and IBM i system upgrades, including processor, memory, Disk Drives, SSD and other features for Power9, Power8, Power7, Power6, Power5 and older 9406 models.

AS400 systems can be configured to your specifications or we can upgrade your current  AS/400 System's Processor, HDD, SSD, Memory or other AS/400 iSeries features needed at your place of business.

  • All AS400 iSeries and IBM i systems and features include OS400 Version and Release of your choice, Licensed Programs preloaded, warranty and free technical support.

  • AS400 iSeries IBM i systems and parts are IBM Certified and eligible for IBM Maintenance Contracts.

  • IBM Banding can be provided upon request.