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8202-E4B IBM Power7 iSeries System Upgrade

8202-E4B IBM Power7: iSeries System Upgrades

IBM iSeries AS400 Power7 8202-E4B 720

IBM 8202-E4B iSeries Power7 Model 720 systems are configured to your specifications with desired OS version release, IBM licensed programs pre-loaded. 8202-E4B Power7 iSeries disk drives, iSeries memory and other features can be purchased separetely. Send us your iSeries 8202-E4B system or upgrade requirements and we will send you pricing. Most 8202-E4B orders can ship same day, but custom configured systems may take longer. View our IBM iSeries system page for other IBM iSeries, Power9Power8Power7, Power6, Power5 system models or IBM AS400 system page for older 9406 models.

8202-E4B Power7 Model 720 Processors 

  • 8202-E4B-8350: 5900-23800 CPW, P05, Power7 4-Core Processor, 16MB Cache
  • 8202-E4B-8351: 5900-33050 CPW, P10, Power7 6-Core Processor, 24MB Cache
  • 8202-E4B-8352: 5900-46300 CPW, P10, Power7 8-Core Processor, 32MB Cache
 All IBM iSeries systems and parts include warranty, free technical support, are IBM Certified and eligible for IBM i Maintenance Contracts. IBM Banding can also be provided upon request. Data migration, OS400 version/release upgrades, Power system upgrades and other IBM i professional services and support are also available.