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Nutanix Hardware Hyperconverged HCI Lenovo Appliance

Lenovo HCI Appliances: Nutanix Hardware

Hyperconverged with Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series

Lenovo Thinkagile HX appliances combine industry leading Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure HCI software with Lenovo's market leading x86 server hardware, to deliver out of the box, autonomous solutions for compute heavy applications and environment specific workloads. The Nutanix Lenovo Hyperconverged Infrastructure solutions provided by the HX series, enable companies to convert various generations and brands of legacy hardware and all infrastructure components from multiple vendors to a single, low cost, automated, software defined datacenter, that fully integrates the IT ecosystem for maximum reliability, performance, scalability, and simplified management.
HX1000 Series: For small to medium workloads, optimized for remote/branch office sized environments
HX2000 Series: For small and medium businesses with minimum to no IT staff
HX3000 Series: For compute-heavy business applications or virtual desktop infrastructure
HX5000 Series: For enterprise applications with large storage, SIEM, SYSLOG and big data analytics. 
HX7000 Series: For enterprise workloads requiring maximum performance like databases with demanding I/O requirements