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8286-42A IBM S824 Power8: System Processor Upgrades

IBM 8286-42A Power8 S824: Systems and Processor Upgrades

8286-42A IBM Power8 S824 iSeries system models are available in 6, 8, 12,16 and 24-core single or dual processor configurations for up to 230,500 CPW, has 16 DDR4 CDIMM memory slots for up to 4 TB of Power8 main storage, 18 disk slots for up to 35.4 TB of internal Power8 disk space and 18 hot swap PCIe slots.

Processor Specifications & Pricing

Go to 8286-42A iSeries product pages below for detailed S824 processor specifications and pricing, 8246-42A AIX systems, or 8286-41A to view P10 and P05 systems.

8286-42A Models by Processor

Other Power8 Models

8286-42A Model S824 systems support IBM i, AIX and Linux workloads. Other IBM iSeries Power8 models include: 8286-41A S8148284-22A S8228284-21A S812. All IBM iSeries systems and parts are IBM Certified and eligible for IBM i Maintenance contracts and include warranty.

PDF files for 8286-42A

8286-42A S824 Data Sheet  |  8286-42A S824 Tech Overview