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IBM Power9 9009-22G S922 Servers Systems & Upgrades

IBM Power9 9009-22G S922 Systems

9009-22G S922 IBM Power9 Servers for IBM AIX Linux Server VIOS

IBM 9009-22G Power9 S922 server supports two processor sockets, up to 22-cores, 4TB of memory, 14 NVMe Enterprise SSD devices, 14.4TB internal storage, and 28 expansion units. The 9009-22G S922 server is ideal for Linux Server and AIX Server workloads running data-intensive operational databases, advanced analytics, and business applications with heavy memory and bandwidth requirements. The IBM Power9 9009-22G server is an updated version of the 9009-22A model, with all 4th generation PCIe architecture capable of delivering much better I/O performance, bandwidth and faster data transfers. Chekc out the performance advantages of IBM's new Enterprise NVMe SSD and Gen4 PCIe.
9009-22G Power9 S922 Performance Benchmark Ratings by Processor:
9009-22G EP5Y 1-core 19,000 CPW
9009-22G EP56 4-core 68,000 CPW, 89.8 AIX rPerf SMT8

9009-22G EP58 8-core 145,500, 202.3 AIX rPerf SMT8
9009-22G EP59 10-core 174,500 CPW, 218.6 AIX rPerf SMT8
9009-22G EP5B 11-core 195,200CPW, 233.9 AIX rPerf SMT8
9009-22G EP58 16-core 268,500CPW, 394.5 AIX rPerf SMT8
9009-22G EP59 20-core 318,000 CPW, 426.4 AIX rPerf SMT8

9009-22G EP5B 22-core 370,700 CPW, 456.1 AIX rPerf SMT8

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