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IBM Storage Products

IBM Storage Products

New, Refurbished or Used IBM Storage

The IBM Storage product portfolio includes NAS storage products, flash technology, single disk and arrays, tape, storage services as well as software driven storage. IBM has led the industry on data management.

We stock used and refurbished Tape Drives & Libraries, VTL Backup Appliances, SANs and Enterprise Storage devices. We ship worldwide at low prices.
Midland has been a trusted IBM Gold Business Partner since 1981.

Entry Level IBM Storage:

Entry LTO: IBM TS3100 & TS3200 tape libraries, IBM TS2240, TS2250, TS2260, TS2350, TS2360 tape drives and IBM TS2900 tape autoloader
Entry VTL Backup Appliance: miSAN-V and iSAN-V
Entry SAN: 1000 and 3000  40005000 and 6000 (Brochure) & 7000

Midrange Level IBM Storage:

Midrange LTO: IBM TS3310, TS3500 and TS4500 tape library
Midrange VTL Backup Appliance: iSAN-V & iSAN-V2
Midrange SAN: 3000  40005000 and SSD-SAN Storage

Enterprise Level IBM Storage:

Enterprise LTO: IBM TS1130, TS1140, TS1150 tape drives and IBM TS4500 tape library
Enterprise VTL Backup Appliance: iSAN-V2 and iSAN-SSD

Storewize V3700
Enterprise SAN: 6000,7000 and SSD-SAN Storage

What's New In IBM Storage for 2020


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