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IBM Power 10 9080-HEX EDP4 120-Core IBM Power10 Processor E1080 IBM Power10 9080-HEX EDP4 3.55-4.0 GHz Processor is for the Model E1080, can have 120 cores per node.. Product #: 9080-HEX-EDP4-120

9080-HEX EDP4 120-Core IBM Power10 Processor Model E1080

Brand: IBM Power 10
Model Number: 9080-HEX-EDP4-120

IBM Power10 9080-HEX EDP4 3.55-4.0 GHz Processor is for the Model E1080, can have 120 cores per node or a maximum of 480 cores in a four system node configuration, can execute 8 threads per core, can be configured with up to 16 TB of memory via 64 slots per node, delivering up to 409 GB/s of memory bandwidth per processor or 1,636 GB/s per node, supports 4032 direct attached SSD or SAS disk drives, has 8 PCIe slots for up to six PCIe Gen4 x16 adapters or PCIe Gen5 x8 adapters (enables the maximum of 576 GB/s peak I/O bandwidth per node) with a maximum of 32 PCIe slots per system node. The IBM Power10 9080-HEX Model E1080 supports up to 1,000 VMs or LPARs per node for IBM i, AIXRed Hat Enterprise and SUSE Enterprise Linux Server workloads.

9080-HEX Processor Specifications and Performance by CPW and rPerf ST | SMT2 |SMT4 | SMT8
EDP2 3.65-3.9 GHz Processor 40 Core: 922,000 and 369.8 | 747.5 | 1,056.3 | 1,366.8
EDP3 3.6-4.15 GHz Processor 48 Core: 1,129,000 and 472.2 | 926.8 | 1,315.4 | 1,680.6
EDP4 3.55-4.0 GHz Processor 60 Core: 1,320,000 and 562.7 | 1,123.2 | 1,578.6 | 1,999.7
EDP2 3.65-3.9 GHz Processor 80 Core: 1,834,000 and 739.6 | 1,495.1 | 2,112.6 | 2,733.6
EDP3 3.6-4.15 GHz Processor 96 Core: 2,246,000 and 944.3 | 1,853.7 | 2,630.9 | 3,361.2
EDP2 3.65-3.9 GHz Processor 120 Core: 2,756,000 and 1,109.4 | 2,242.6 | 3,168.9 | 4,100.4
EDP4 3.55-4.0 GHz Processor 120 Core: 2,626,000 and 1,125.4 | 2,246.4 | 3,157.2 | 3,999.3
EDP3 3.6-4.15 GHz Processor 144 Core: 3,375,000 and 1,416.5 | 2,780.5 | 3,946.3 | 5,041.8
EDP2 3.65-3.9 GHz Processor 160 Core: 3,678,000 and 1,479.2 | 2,990.1 | 4,225.2 | 5,467.1
EDP4 3.55-4.0 GHz Processor 180 Core: 3,946,000 and 1,688.1 | 3,369.6 | 4,735.8 | 5,999.0
EDP3 3.6-4.15 GHz Processor 192 Core: 4,504,000 and 1,888.7 | 3,707.4 | 5,261.8 | 6,722.3
EDP4 3.55-4.0 GHz Processor 240 Core: 5,266,000 and 2,250.8 | 4,492.7 | 6,314.4 | 7,998.6

Memory Options: 16 TB Maximum (64 DDIM slots per node), DDR4 DDIMM memory cards:
IBM EMC1 32AB 128GB DDR4 Memory Cards, 16GBIT, 3200 MHz DDIMM (4x32GB) 01GY901
IBM EMC2 32AC 256GB DDR4 Memory Cards, 16GBIT, 3200 MHz DDIMM (4x64GB) 01GY909
IBM EMC3 32AD 512GB DDR4 Memory Cards, 16GBIT, 3200 MHz DDIMM (4x128GB) 01GY917

IBM EMC4 32AE 1TB DDR4 Memory Cards, 16GBIT, 3200 MHz DDIMM (4x256GB) 01GY925

Level 1 (L1) Cache: 48+32 KB per core
Level 2 (L2) Cache: 2 MB per core
Level 3 (L3) Cache: 8 MB per core

NVMe Enterprise SSD: 4 slots for non-volatile memory express (NVMe U.2) per system node for booting, 16 maximum

Storage: The IBM Power10 9080-HEX Model E1080 supports up to 4,032 direct attached dirives via 168 IBM EXP24SX expansion drawers, each drawer supports up to 24 hot-swap SFF-2 SAS HDDs or SSDs in two EIA of rack space, PCIe I/O drawer support a maximum of 16 EXP24SX. IBM i OS400 partitions configure the EXP24SX as one set of 24 bays (mode 1), whereas AIX, Linux, and VIOS partitions can configure the EXP24SX with four sets of 6 bays (mode 4), two sets of 12 bays (mode 2) or one set of 24 bays (mode 1). Customers upgrading from older Power8 systems can migrate existing HDDs and SSDs from Power8 CEC or from within 5802 or 5803 12X-attached I/O expansion drawers (SFF-1 bays) by ordering new SFF-2 carrier trays for the drives and moving them to a IBM EXP24S drawer.

PCIe Slots: Each IBM Power10 9080-HEX Model E1080 system node has 8 PCIe slots for up to six PCIe Gen4 x16 or PCIe Gen5 x8 slots (Gen5 enables the maximum of 576 GB/s peak I/O bandwidth per node) and two PCIe Gen5 x8 I/O low-profile expansion slots.

Note: Concurrent maintenance of PCIe adapter repair, add and removal is supported. PCIe Gen1, Gen2, Gen3, Gen4, and Gen5 adapter cards are all supported in the system node, including in Gen5 slots, but Gen5 PCIe adapter cards are not supported in I/O expansion drawer. Additional PCIe slots can be expanded using a x16 slot to attach a six-slot expansion module in the I/O drawer, which holds two expansion modules that are attached to any two x16 PCIe slots of any nodes.

Interfaces: One USB 3.0 ports

Partitions (LPARs) and OS Requirements: 1,000 Partitions, LPARs or VMs per node, 4,000 maximum for IBM i OS400, AIX or Red Hat Enterprise (version 8.4 or higher, including SAP) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (version 12 Service Pack 5 or higher and version 15 Service Pack 3 or higher).

Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) Features:
First Failure Data Capture
Processor Instruction Retry
L2 and L3 Cache ECC Protection with Cache Line-Delete
Core Checkstops
Dynamic Processor Deallocation
Chipkill Protection for x4 DDIMs with DRAM Sparing
Processor Fabric and Memory Buses Retry with Data Lane Sparing and 1/2 Bandwidth Mode
High Speed Internode Cables with Components and Advanced Fault Isolation Diagnostics
Guided FSP & SMP Cable Installation
Concurrent Repair of External SMP Cable
Redundant Phase and Spare Phase for Voltage Regulator Modules (VRMs) Supplying Processors
Spare Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) for on DDIM Power Regulation
Redundant System Clocks with Dynamic Failover
Redundant, Hot-Swappable Power Supplies and Cooling Fans Concurrent Add and Repair of I/O Drawers
Extended Error Handling on PCIe Slots Hot-Plug/Blind-Swap PCIe Adapter Slots
Concurrent Repair of Op-Panel
Concurrent Repair of Time of Day Battery
Selective Dynamic Firmware Updates

IBM Power10 E1080 9080-HEX System Requirements:
IBM V7R5 or later
IBM V7R4 TR5 or later
IBM V7R3 TR11 or later
IBM AIX 7.2 TL4 SP1 or later
IBM AIX 7.1 TL5 SP5 or later
IBM Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server RHEL version 8.4 and later
SUSE 15 SP3 or later
VIOS can be installed in special partitions that provide support to other partitions running AIX, IBM i, or Linux Server for the use of various features, such as virtualized I/O devices, or PowerVM Live Partition Mobility LPM.

Physical Dimensions:
System Control Unit
Width: 17.51 inches
Depth: 30.7 inches
Height: 3.39 inches
Weight: 50 lbs
19-inch rack-mount, 2U EIA unitsr
System Node
Width: 17.51 inches
Depth: 34.13 inches
Height: 8.55 inches
Weight: 180 lbs
19-inch rack-mount, 5U EIA units
PCIe EXP24SX Expansion Drawer
Width: 19 inches
Depth: 31.6 inches
Height: 6.8 inches
Weight: 120 lbs
19-inch rack-mount, 4U EIA units

Warranty and Support:
Includes 1 year of 24x7 same day response, on-site, IBM Power Expert Care Warranty Upgrade and other service and support options available upon request.