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Server Job Scheduling Automation

Server Job Scheduling Automation

Job Scheduler software that automates and manages the jobs of all your Windows, Unix, IBM iSeries AS400, IBM Power AIX, Linux, Unix, HP-UX, IBM Mainframe and Solaris systems using any web enabled device, with enterprise job scheduling features that will satisfy every data center's requirements. The Enterprise Job Scheduler software runs natively on all platforms and has more features than competing solutions, so there is no need to integrate with other job scheduler products. It includes advanced job scheduling features such as group jobs, multiple calendars, high availability, complex dependencies and variables, cloning, robust security, detailed reports and alerts. The Enterprise Job Scheduler monitors and manages jobs using a single intuitive control panel, with point and click features, and utilizes the same functions for every platform.

The Enterprise Job Scheduler software pricing models are very affordable for every environment. The platforms supported natively by the Enterprise Job Scheduler software are: any Windows, Unix, IBM iSeries AS400, IBM Power AIX, Linux, HP-UX, IBM Mainframe or Solaris systems, including databases like: Oracle, SQL, DB2; and third-party applications like JDE, Infor, SAP, Fiserv, Jack Henry and many other ERP packages that have menus.

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iSeries AS400 Job Scheduler

iSeries AS400 Job Scheduler software runs natively on OS400 and integrates with enterprise job scheduler for other platforms, databases and third party applications.

Enterprise Server Job Scheduler Automation Software

Enterprise Job Scheduler software for Oracle, SQL, iSeries AS400, Windows, AIX, Unix, Linux and other platforms, databases and third-party applications that runs natively in each environment it controls.