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IBM S1014 P05 AS400 Entry Server

The IBM S1014 9105-41B EPG0 4-core Processor is the most popular Power10 model for AS400 workloads, which is not surprising considering the amount of CPW IBM added for the new entry P05 software tier system. The IBM i S1014 9105-41B EPG0 4-core processor has a whopping 106,300 CPW, and that is a lot of power for the SMB market to take advantage of. IBM more than doubled the CPW for the new Power10 S1014 4-core IBM i entry model, which is an astonishing increase in comparison to the previous fastest P05 Power9 processor system, the IBM S914 9009-41G EP50 4-Core that...

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The Sweet Spot of Modern Enterprise Computing


Becoming a digital enterprise is necessary, but that doesn't make it easy. It's even harder when you don't have the right tools for the job. For any enterprise-class compute platform to be able to function as the engine of the digital enterprise, it needs to meet some strict criteria.  Research company IDC (International Data Corporation) tested the new IBM Power10 processor and E1080 platform to see how they checked the boxes on the following critical considerations:  Security as an Imperative Requirement The Reliability mandateScalability and sustainabilityThe right hybrid IT infrastructureThe importance of AI and where to run it We're happy to...

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