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IBM Power9 Systems IBM 9009-41G EP52 8-Core S914 Power9 Processor 1TB | 122500 CPW P10 | SMT8 183.2 SMT4 145.4 SMT 105.4 ST 62.. Product #: 9009-41G-EP52-S914

9009-41G EP52 S914 IBM Power9 8-Core iSeries Processor

Brand: IBM Power9 Systems
Model Number: 9009-41G-EP52-S914
Tags: 9009-41g , ep52 , power9 , s914

IBM S914 9009-41G EP52 8-Core 3.8 GHz Power9 Processor Server Specifications

IBM i Software Tier: P10
CPW: 115,313 -122,500 
Memory: 16-1024 GB (Up to 170 GB/s per socket "Processor-to-Memory Bandwidth")
L2 Cache: 512 K (per core)
L3 Cache: 10 MB  (per core)
Internal Storage: 18 or 12 SAS SSD or HDD - 6 SAS HDD/SSD + 2 hot-plug NVMe U.2 drive slots or 4 hot-plug NVMe U.2 drive slots
External Storage: 336 SAS SSD or HDD via IBM EXP24SX ESLS ELLS
Storage Area Network (SAN) attachment is supported.
OS Support: IBM i OS400, AIX or Linux Server (details at bottom page)
PCIe 4.0 Slots: 12 full-height/half-length PCIe slots: 1 PCIe x16 Gen4 (CAPI), 1 PCIe x8 Gen4 (CAPI), 2 PCIe x16 Gen4, 4 PCIe x8 Gen4, 4 PCIe Gen4 capable NVMe U.2 drive slots
I/O Ports: 3 USB3, 2 HMC 1GbE RJ45, 2 High Speed 25 Gb/s ports
Virtualization: PowerVM Hypervisor Licensed built-in at no cost

9009-41G Datasheet  |  9009-41G and 42G Performance Benchmarks

The 9009-41G is a single socket, 4U system that support up to 1TB of memory via 16 DDR4 DIMM slots. The amount of internal and external SSD and disk drive space is determined by various configuration factors. The IBM Power9 9009-41G S914 systems are powered entirely by a Gen4 PCIe architecture (slots, switches and lanes), supporting up to 14 NVMe devices, designed for mission critical applications and I/O intensive workloads.

The 9009-41G S914 IBM Power9 system with EP52 8-core processor can have up 122,500 CPW (15,313 CPW per active processor), and has a 2.3 to 3.8 GHz chip speed. The new Power9 RAID Controllers and other SAS adapters provide significant I/O performance gains that should be considered for improving IBM i response times and throughput. All Power9 system models support 220V power, and the 9009-41G and  9009-41A S914 models can also run on 110V. All Power9 models have three backplane options, a 12 SFF-3 Bays, a 18 SFF-3 bays with write cache or a 12 SFF-3 bays with dual IOA and write cache. IBM i workloads require 4k byte block hard disk drives or SSD. If you need to boot more than one Virtual IO server from internal disks, your Power9 system needs to the split backplane feature and a minimum of four disks (two per Virtual IO Server). Every IBM i Power9 model support adding 28 EXP24SX I/O expansion drawer and the IBM EMX0 PCIe I/O expansion drawer (28 is the maximum combined quantity).

9009-41A EP52 8-Core CPW by Number of Active Processors: X8 = 122500 | 7X = 107188 | X6 = 91875 | X5 = 76563 | 4X = 61250 | 3X = 45938 | 2X = 30625 | 1 = 15313
rPerf SMT8 = 183.2 | SMT4 = 145.4 | SMT2 = 105.4 | ST = 62.0

Other Power9 S914 9009-41A IBM i Models

IBM 9009-41G EP50 4-Core P05 Software Tier
CPW by Number of EP10 Processors Activated: X4 = 52500 | X3 = 39375 | X2 = 26250 | 1 = 13125
rPerf SMT8 = 80.9 | SMT4 = 64.2 | SMT2 = 46.6 | ST = 27.4

9009-41G EP51 6-Core CPW by Number of Active Processors: X6 = 78500 | X5 = 65417 | 4X = 52333 | 3X = 39250 | 2X = 26166 | 1 = 13083
rPerf SMT8 = 118.6 | SMT4 = 94.1 | SMT2 = 68.2 | ST = 40.1

Power9 Memory

 The IBM S914 model 9009-41G and 9009-41G processors have 16 DDR4 DIMM memory slots providing a 1TB main storage maximum, except for 4-core processors which have a 64GB maximum. IBM Power9 memory specifications and options include:

IBM i 9009-41G Storage

AIX & Linux 9009-41G Storage

Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) Features:

  • POWER9 processor has the ability to do processor instruction retry for some transient errors
  • Memory subsystem RAS with error detection and correction circuitry
    Chip kill memory
  • Service processor with proactive fault monitoring
  • Dynamic Processor Deallocation
  • Alternate Processor Recovery
  • Cache availability: L2 and L3 cache protected with ECC
  • Special Uncorrectable Error (SUE) handling prevents immediate system termination
  • PCI extended error handling (EEH) that allows the affected device driver to reset and continue without a system reboot
  • Uncorrectable error recovery, when enabled, allows the system to automatically restart, reducing downtime
  • Mutual surveillance: Service processor monitors the operation of firmware and the hypervisor monitors the service processor
  • Environmental monitoring does ambient and over temperature monitoring and reporting
  • Concurrent maintenance of PCIe adapter, power supplies, cooling fans and HDD/SSD drives
  • First Failure Data Capture (FFDC): Fault root cause is captured without the need to re-create the problem
  • Mobile access to important customer service functions available by scanning a QR label

 OS System Requirements:

IBM i OS400:
IBM i 7.4 TR2, or later
IBM i 7.3 TR8 , or later
IBM i 7.2 with 7.2 Licensed Machine Code - RS 720-Q, or later
AIX operating system LPAR with any I/O configuration:
AIX Version 7.2 with the 7200-04 Technology Level and Service Pack 7200-04-02-2028, or later
AIX Version 7.1 with the 7100-05 Technology Level and Service Pack 7100-05-06-2028, or later
AIX Version 7.2 with the 7200-03 Technology Level and Service Pack 7 (Planned Availability February 19, 2021)
AIX operating system Virtual I/O only LPAR:
AIX Version 7.2 with the 7200-04 Technology Level, or later
AIX Version 7.2 with the 7200-03 Technology Level, or later
AIX Version 7.2 with the 7200-02 Technology Level and Service Pack 7200-02-02-1832, or later
AIX Version 7.1 with the 7100-05 Technology Level and Service Pack 7100-05-02-1832, or later
VIOS, or later
VIOS, or later
Linux Server operating system LPAR:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 for Power LE, version 8.1, or later
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Service Pack 1, or later

Power Supply:

Four power supplies supporting a tower or rack installation: 2+2 900W 100-127V or 200-240V AC
Two power supplies supporting a rack installation: 1+1 1400W, 200-240V AC
Operating frequency: 47/63 Hz
IBM EnergyScale technology: Dynamically optimize the processor frequency at any given time based on CPU utilization and operating environment conditions

Physical Dimensions:

19-inch rack-mount hardware, 4U Form Factor
Width: 482 mm (18.97 in.)
Depth: 769.6 mm (30.3 in.)
Height: 173.3 mm (6.8 in.)
Weight: 36.3 kg (80 lb)

Tower hardware:

Width: 182.4 mm (7.18 in.)
Width with stand: 328.5 mm (12.93 in.)
Depth: 751.7 mm (29.59 in.)
Depth with front-rotatable door: 814.7 mm (32.07 in.)
Height: 486.1 mm (19.14 in.)
Height with handle: 522 mm (20.55 in.)
Weight: 46.94 kg (103.5 lb)

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