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IBM S1024 9105-42A Power10 System Upgrades and Pricing for EPGM EPGC EPGD

IBM S1024 9105-42A: Power10 Systems and Upgrades

IBM S1024 9105-42A Power10 Model Specifications Pricing

The IBM S1024 model 9105-42A is the newest scale-out Power10 server that is available in one or two-socket configurations, supports a maximum of 48 cores, 8TB of memory via 32 DDIMM slots (16 slots per processor socket) and 102.4 TB of internal NVMe flash storage. The 9105-42A system delivers up to 312,500 CPW in a 12-core configuration or a maximum of 947,500 CPW in a 24-core configuration for IBM i OS400 P20 Software Tier or up to 1,331.8 SMT8 rPerf for IBM AIX and Linux Server workloads, and is capable of running up to 384 simultaneous workload threads. The new Power10 S1024 server model has 10 PCIe adapter slots (five per processor socket), of which eight are PCIe Gen5 adapter slots, two (one per processor socket) are PCIe Gen4 adapter slots. The PCIe slots support LAN, Fibre Channel, SAS, USB, and cryptographic accelerators. A single processor socket 9105-42A S1024 system can add additional 10 PCIe adapter slots by adding a IBM EMX0 PCIe Gen3 I/O expansion drawer, and a two processor socket system can support up to 30 PCIe adapters slots. View the S1024 model 9105-42A processor pages for detailed specifications and other system requirements:

Other IBM S1024 Power10 Processors by CPW | rPerf ST | SMT2 |SMT4 | SMT8
9105-42A EPGM 12-core 3.4-4 Ghz Processor: 312,500 | 112.8 | 224.6 | 322.6 | 415.7
9105-42A EPGC 16-core 3.1-4 Ghz Processor: 383,400
9105-42A EPGD 24-Core 2.75-3.9 GHz Processor: 500,500
9105-42A EPGM 24-Core 3.4-4 Ghz Processor: 585,100 | 220.1 | 438 | 629.1 | 810.6
9105-42A EPGC 32-core 3.1-4 Ghz Processor: 725,000 | 286.9 | 567.6 | 787.9 | 1013.4
9105-42A EPGD 48-Core 2.75-3.9 GHz Processor: 947,500 | 408.8 | 780.8 | 1039.4 | 1331.8

IBM Power10 Models Performance Benchmarks  |  IBM i Power10 Performance Optimization

Other IBM Power10 Models by maximums:
IBM S1014 9105-41B: 1 socket, 8 Cores, 1 TB Memory, 102.4 TB NVMe flash storage (16 bays), 4U
IBM S1024 9105-42A: 2 socket, 48 Cores, 8 TB Memory, 102.4 TB of NVMe flash storage (16 bays), 4U
IBM S1022 9105-22A: 2 socket, 40 Cores, 4 TB Memory, 51.2 TB NVMe flash storage (8 bays), 2U
IBM S1022 9105-22B: 2 socket, 16 Cores, 2 TB Memory, 51.2 TB NVMe flash storage (8 bays), 2U

IBM E1050 9043-MRX: 4 socket, 96 Cores, 16 TB Memory, 64 TB of NVMe flash storage (10 bays), 4U
IBM E1080 9080-HEX: 16 socket, 240 Cores, 34 TB Memory, 102.4 TB NVMe flash storage (16 bays), 6U
IBM Power10 Virtual Server: flexible, custom, secure virtual server on premises or in cloud.

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